Anchor PM was founded in early 2005 by a group of global technology entrepreneurs, with the vision of becoming a leading player in the European technology marketplace.

With two decades of hands-on experience in taking tech ventures from concept to market, we guide entrepreneurs and well established companies, aligning our PM tools and practices to perfectly fit their goals and resources.

Since our inception, we had privilege of helping hundreds of technology trendsetters successfully execute groundbreaking projects across diverse industries, ranging from IT, automobile and MedTech, to agriculture, renewable energy and IoT.

Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, we share our in-depth knowhow and vast portfolio of project management capabilities all around the world, while delivering value from day one.


We at Anchor PM, take a great pride in our outstanding team of project management professionals, and believe they are our most valuable asset. Coming from diverse backgrounds and industries, our team of experienced professionals will be there from the very beginning, and help you implement the best PM practices in order to push your project forward.

Our in-house team of world-class specialists includes project managers, software engineers, IT specialists, logistics experts, procurement mangers, programmers, automation specialists, IoT experts, budget planners, R&D professionals, business development consultants and risk management advisors.


Anchor PM plays an integral role in untold technology-driven projects worldwide, guiding clients through the full project's cycle, from planning, to management, to delivery.

Recently we focus on helping early stage startup companies, which develop state of the art IoT applications for both private and business use.

Some of our recent IoT projects include:


2018 | Germany

Development of smart cellular app for the remote operation of water dispencers and coolers.


2019 | Canada

Planning, development and design of smart sensors for the management and maintenance of public bathrooms at airports.


2019 | Austria

Development of smart home management systems for Airbnb apartments, such as smart door locks and easy to use apps that allow for the remote control of diverse electrical devices.


2020 | Hong Kong

Development of cloud-based smart app for the inventory management of bars and restaurants food and beverages supplies.


Anchor PM strives to help technological entrepreneurs and groundbreaking tech companies develop their project management frameworks, allowing them to deliver effectively on time and within budget.
Whether launching a new technological product, conceptualizing a pioneering IT application or enhancing the project management of an existing biomed application, we at Anchor PM will serve as a single trusted point for all your PM needs, from conceptualization to hand-over.
Bringing to the table in-depth understanding of the complexities and realities facing companies in today's disruptive technology landscape, we provide our global clients with guidance and leadership throughout the project's lifecycle, both domestically and internationally.

With over 100 years of combined experience, our highly seasoned team of PMOs and technology specialists hold the necessary knowhow and professional capabilities to flawlessly streamline your project, whilst uncovering hidden potentials, and mitigating any risk along the way.

Mastering the various aspects of project management, we offer our clients the following professional PM services:

Pre-Project Services

  • Project needs analysis
  • Feasibility studies
  • Market research
  • Commercial potential analysis
  • Risk management review

Project Planning Services

  • Project development planning
  • Project scope management
  • Roadmap and time planning
  • Project budget planning
  • Project output and outcomes prediction

HR Recruitment Services

  • Project team planning
  • HR sourcing and recruitment
  • Workers and managers training
  • Outsourced contractors recruitment

Procurement Services

  • Vendors sourcing
  • Procurement planning
  • Technological components procurement
  • On-the-move storage solutions
  • Global shipping solutions

Project Management Services

  • On-site supervision services
  • Budget control management
  • Project time management
  • Team and contractors management

Post-Project Services

  • Punch list outlining and review
  • Final cost analysis
  • QA and control analysis
  • Maintenance program planning


For more information about Anchor PM's wide spectrum of project management solutions, please complete the form below. Please specify as much as you can about the nature of your project, and its core challenges, in order for us to come up with preliminary insights to promote the project at hand within the necessary timeframe.

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